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As of July 1st, 2019, Finquiddity Vermogensbeheer will continue under the name Polestar Capital. This new name has been chosen to better illustrate what our organisation stands for: the funding of social-impact projects that are not (yet) or not fully financed by other parties.
Under the name Polestar Capital, we continue our mission to guide other investors towards meaningful investments with a social as well as a financial return. We do this by structuring innovative financial solutions at our own initiative and by managing funds with a mandate that creates the opportunity to fill the funding gap that arises when other investors cannot or will not act (yet).
Our logo consists of a star with 3 green rays and 1 blue ray. Together, these rays represent the meaningful impact that our organisation strives for. The blue ray stands for financial return, a prerequisite for added value in the long term. The green rays represent additionality, effectiveness, and scalability. Every funding request we take into consideration is assessed against at least these four criteria. We believe in creating an impact through projects that have an attractive risk/return ratio, are additional to the status quo, provide an effective solution to a societal challenge, and are replicable and scalable. And we are thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in pre-eminent projects each day. That is why we are named Polestar Capital.