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Meaningful returns

We offer secure financial returns, and unique societal returns, for public and private investors

Solution-oriented financing

For impactful and economically sound projects, 
we provide the financing they need to realise their ambitions

Catalyst of transitions

By financing projects that are innovative, effective and scalable,
we aim to accelerate the renewable energy and circular economy transitions

Nationaal Warmte Fonds

The Dutch Thermal Fund (NWF) extents financing to private home owners, home owners associations (VVEs) and schools that want to make their real estate more sustainable. Polestar Capital is the operational manager of NWF, and is focused on originating €650mln in loans in the next few years. NWF is financed by the Dutch Government, Rabobank, ASN Bank, ING Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). The total assets of the fund amount ca. €1,1 millard of which currently half is invested. The fund applies cash recycling. Incoming interest and principal repayments are reinvested in new energy efficiency loans. With the combination of our growing portfolio and out drive for innovation, we aim to play an important role in making the built environment more sustainble. 

Nationaal Warmte Fonds

More information (Dutch):  www.warmtefonds.nl