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Meaningful returns

We offer secure financial returns, and unique societal returns, for public and private investors

Solution-oriented financing

For impactful and economically sound projects, 
we provide the financing they need to realise their ambitions

Catalyst of transitions

By financing projects that are innovative, effective and scalable,
we aim to accelerate the renewable energy and circular economy transitions

Limburgs Energiefonds

Limburgs Energie Fonds (LEF) is an investment fund financed by the Province of Limburg and the European Investment Bank, and is managed by Polestar Capital. By mid-2020, the fund contained approximately €90m, and is set to increase step-by-step towards €270m of assets under management in the years to come. This capital will be used to achieve promising projects in the Province of Limburg in the field of energy saving, sustainable energy generation, asbestos removal, or the circular economy. LEF provides funding in the form of venture capital or (subordinated) loans. LEF reinvests its returns and operates as a revolving fund: consequently, more sustainable projects can be accomplished.

Limburgs Energiefonds

More information www.limburgsenergiefonds.nl