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Meaningful returns

We offer secure financial returns, and unique societal returns, for public and private investors

Solution-oriented financing

For impactful and economically sound projects, 
we provide the financing they need to realise their ambitions

Catalyst of transitions

By financing projects that are innovative, effective and scalable,
we aim to accelerate the renewable energy and circular economy transitions

Polestar Capital

Polestar Capital is a fund manager and financier.
What makes us stand out is that we go further than other investors.
We finance what banks and (private) equity firms do not (yet or not sufficiently) finance. Therewith we enable  sustainable to get realised (faster), and we are achieve financial and social returns for our investors.

Limburgs Energie Fonds

The Limburg-based energy fund called LEF is a revolving impact fund, growing towards €270m of assets under management, providing risk capital and (subordinated) loans to projects contributing to energy efficiency, srenewable energy, asbestos removal and the circular economy for the Province of Limburg.

Polestar Circular Debt Fund

The Polestar Circular Debt Fund (PCDF) will become a €250m fund providing (subordinated) loans to innovative circular manufacturing businesses who contribute to waste reduction and resource efficiency. The fund is due to be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Nationaal Warmte Fonds (NWF)

The Dutch national thermal fund (NWF) extents long term financing to home owners, house owner associations and schools for the realisation of energy efficiency measures.  

Green Power (Groenvermogen)

From 2009 to 2016, the green-power project (financing) consultancy business of Polestar Capital called Groenvermogen, supported renewable energy projects with tax structuring and fundraising. A total of 25 projects were successfully supported.

Kempen Dutch Inflation Fund

Since 2009, Polestar Capital has issued approximately €150m worth of leasehold contracts for the Kempen Dutch Inflation Fund (KDIF) of Kempen & Co investment bank.