Image for We fund promising initiatives for a better future

We fund promising initiatives for a better future

through innovative, solution-oriented financing

Our activities help to drive sustainability by financing innovation. We focus on areas including renewable energy production, energy reduction, sustainable and social housing, sustainable infrastructure, carbon reduction, sustainable mobility, circular agriculture and the circular economy.


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Polestar Capital Circular Debt Fund

When projects are too capital intensive for equity and at a stage too early for bank funding, that’s where we come in. The Polestar Capital Circular Debt Fund (PCDF) provides debt finance to circular innovators, often with new technologies, allowing them to prove their business model. By offering companies support at a crucial stage in their development, we enable them to realise their first production facility, scale up and attract new investors.

‘Thanks to financing from the Limburg Energy Fund, we can quadruple our production capacity at our new factory in Weert and, in addition to road plates, launch new products made from mixed plastic waste. The due diligence process that we had to go through was indeed intensive, but the fund went further – to where normal banks would simply give up. By thinking constructively about financing solutions that could work for us, they helped us to take this important step. We are very pleased that the Limburg Energy Fund has given us the confidence to do this.’

Ali Güven, founder, shareholder and general manager of ERPlastics

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Limburg Energy Fund

We’re helping Limburg go green. By managing a revolving impact fund growing towards €235 million in committed capital, we provide funding for sustainable projects across the Province of Limburg. Whether in the form of equity capital or (subordinated) loans, we ensure that Limburg receives the finance it needs to invest in a circular economy, funding initiatives such as green energy generation, energy infrastructure and energy efficiency.

‘The deal has enabled the construction of our new production facility. Without this support, both financially and in the way in which the development was technically and operationally monitored and adjusted, we – as an SME – would not have made it through this phase of our growth.’

Erik Logtens, director of ECOR in Europe

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The Dutch Heat Fund

When private homeowners, homeowners’ associations (VvEs) and schools want to make their real estate more sustainable, we help them do it. As the operational manager of the Dutch Heat Fund (NWF), we have total assets of €650 million – both invested and ready to invest. Building on an already extensive portfolio, we are committed to making the built environment more sustainable.

‘Thanks to the ‘VvE Energiebespaarlening’ from the Dutch Heat Fund, our VvE could start making our building more sustainable – and their professional advice helped us to make the right choices. The insulation of the roof, the long facade and the end facade of our building, as well as the installation of solar panels, were investments that we could all immediatey benefit from.’

Ria Vossen, board member VvE Apartment building Henri Dunant


Greenpower (Groenvermogen)

From 2009 to 2016, our sustainable project financing consultancy business successfully supported various renewable energy projects, through both tax structuring and fundraising strategies.

Kempen Dutch Inflation Fund

Since 2009, we have issued approximately €125 million worth of leasehold contracts for the Kempen Dutch Inflation Fund (KDIF) of Kempen & Co investment bank.